Can you believe this was twelve years ago ?

Plays for Youth

Outstanding Production of a Play for Youth
“Charlotte’s Web” (Second Youth Family Theatre)
Outstanding Director of a Play for Youth
Judy Matetzschk (“Trail of Tears”)
Outstanding Actor in a Play for Youth
Skip Johnson (“Patterns”)
Outstanding Actress in a Play for Youth
Betsy McCann (Tangled Tricksters II)
Music Theatre
Outstanding Production of Music Theatre
“Crowns” (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
Outstanding Director of Music Theatre
Don Toner (“The Mystery of Edwin Drood”)
Outstanding Lead Actor in Music Theatre
Tyler Rhodes (“Batboy: The Musical”)
Outstanding Lead Actress in Music Theatre
Jill Blackwood (“Aida”)
Outstanding Featured Actor in Music Theatre
Timothy Curry (“Crowns”)
Outstanding Featured Actress in Music Theater
Jacqui Cross (“Crowns”)

Outstanding Production of a Comedy
“The Dog in the Manger” (Austin Shakespeare Festival)
Outstanding Director of a Comedy
Guy Roberts and Ian Manners (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
Outstanding Lead Actor in of a Comedy
Ben Wolfe (“The Dog in the Manger”)
Outstanding Lead Actress in of a Comedy
Karen Kuykendall (“I’m Not the Woman I Was”)
Outstanding Featured Actor in of a Comedy
Corey Gagne (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
Outstanding Featured Actress in of a Comedy
Jill Blackwood (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)

Outstanding Production of a Drama
“Wake for the Dark Poet: The Antonin Artaud Project” (Vortex Repertory Company)
Outstanding Director of a Drama
Dennis Whitehead (“Master Harold … and the Boys”)
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama
Philip Goodwin (George, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama
Guy Roberts (“Othello”)
Outstanding Featured Actor in a Drama
Mark Banks (“Master Harold … and the Boys”)
Outstanding Featured Actress in a Drama
Jo Beth Henderson (“Hole”)

Outstanding Cast Performance
“Schoolhouse Rock! The Musical” (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)
Youth Performer

Outstanding Youth Performance
Kathleen Fletcher (“Vitriol and Violets”)
Technical Achievement Awards

Outstanding Set Design:
Ann Marie Gordon (“Saint Enid and the Black Hand”)
Outstanding Lighting Design (tie):
Jason Amato (“Omnium-Gatherum”)
Outstanding Sound Design:
Allen Robertson (“Omnium-Gatherum”)
Outstanding Costume Design:
Ia Layadi (“Trail of Tears”)
Outstanding Music Director:
Allen Robertson (“Crowns”)
Outstanding Choreographer
Gina Patterson (“Trail of Tears”)
Outstanding Original Script:
John Fleming (“The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley”)
Outstanding Original Score:
Graham Reynolds (“The Death of a Cat”)
Austin Circle of Theaters’ Special Recognition Award
Outstanding Contribution to Austin Theatre: Dave Steakley
B. Iden Payne Nominations Committee “Standing Ovation” Special Certificates
Large Puppet Design
Ann Marie Gordon (“Wake for the Dark Poet: The Antonin Artaud Project,” Vortex Repertory Company)
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Betsy McCann and Melissa Vogt (Poko and Cici in “Wake for the Dark Poet: The Antonin Artaud Project,” Vortex Repertory Company)

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