The B. Iden Payne Awards Council is pleased to present the 2011-2012 B. Iden Payne Award Nominees. These artists have made outstanding theatrical contributions to the Austin community and we thank them.

Join us, Monday, October 29th, 2012, 7pm at the New Topfer Theatre at ZACH, as we recognize the recipients of the 38th Annual B. Iden Payne Awards.  We also are pleased to welcome Guest speaker Council Member Laura Morrison as she shares with us the impact of the Theatre and the Arts in Austin and how we, as practitioners and supporters may continue to elevate the impact of both.

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Congratulations to the nominees and thank you to our supporters. Bravo!



Outstanding Production

  • The Commedia of Errors (VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre)
  • DayBoyNightGirl (DA!Theatre Collective)
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (ZACH Theatre for Youth)
  • Symphony of Clouds (Ballet Austin and Pollyanna Theatre Company)
  • A Year With Frog and Toad (Summer Stock Austin)

Outstanding Direction

  • Heather Hugginis (DayBoyNightGirl)
  • Judy Matetzschk-Campbell (Symphony of Clouds)
  • Ellie McKay (Sideways Stories From Wayside School)
  • Matthew Patterson (The Commedia of Errors)

Outstanding Performer

  • Martin Burke (Mouse) If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Sophia Franzella (Nycteris) DayBoyNightGirl
  • Julie Linnard (Empress) Symphony of Clouds
  • Jacob Trussell (Cyan Circle) Pattern Nation: Waves


Outstanding Production

  • Jubilee (Rubber Repertory)
  • Next to Normal (ZACH Theatre)
  • Patience (The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Astin)
  • Sarah Silver Hands (VORTEX Repertory Company)
  • The Sound of Music (Zilker Theatre Productions)

Outstanding Direction

  • Bonnie Cullum (Sarah Silver Hands)
  • Ev Lunning, Jr. (The Spitfire Grill)
  • Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope (Jubiliee)
  • Philip Olson (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • M. Scott Tatum (The Sound of Music)

Outstanding Lead Actor

  • Joshua Denning (Captain Von Trapp) The Sound of Music
  • Arthur DiBianca (Reginald Bunthorne) Patience
  • David Gallagher (Andrew Jackson) Bloody Bloody Andrew jackson
  • Johnny Newcomb (Melchior) Spring Awakening
  • Jacob Trussell (Frederick Trumper) Chess

Outstanding Lead Actress

  • Christine Kelly Achico (Sarah) Sarah Silver Hands
  • Michelle Hache (Maria) The Sound of Music
  • Meredith McCall (Diana) Next to Normal
  • Marita Stryker (Florence Vassy) Chess

Outstanding Featured Actor

  • Joey Banks (Martin Van Buren, Indian Dancer, Messenger) Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
  • Brian Losoya (William Barfee) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Joe Penrod (Alexander Molokov) Chess
  • Scott Shipman (Nicely-Nicely Johnson) Guys and Dolls

Outstanding Featured Actress

  • Audrey Johnson (Leaf Coneybear) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Janette Jones (the Lady Jane)  Patience
  • Julia Lorenz-Olson (Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Coty Ross (Mother Abbessy) The Sound of Music
  • Kelli Schultz (Natalie) Next to Normal


Outstanding Production

  • Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Palindrome Theatre)
  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear (Capital T Theatre)
  • FupDuck (Glass Half Full Theatre)
  • Guest by Courtesy (Salvage Vanguard Theater)

Outstanding Direction

  • Bob Beare (Three Viewings)
  • Rudy Ramirez (Midsummer in Motion)
  • Caroline Reck (FupDuck)
  • Will Hollis Snider (Messenger No.4 [or…How to Survive a Greek Tragedy])

Outstanding Lead Actor

  • Mick D’Arcy (Gen. Humpty) :Humpty
  • Noel Gaulin (maniac) Accidental Death of an Anarchist
  • Chris Gibson (Narrator) FupDuck
  • Joey Hood (Kyle) Exit, Pursued by a Bear
  • Jarrett King (Mammy) The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler

Outstanding Lead Actress

  • Emily Erington  (Theresa McKeigan) Marion Bridge
  • Kathleen Fletcher (Bethany) The Alien Baby Play
  • Molly Karrasch (Nan) Exit, Pursued by a Bear
  • Hannah Kenah (rich cousin) Guest By Courtesty
  • Jenny Larson (poor cousin) Guest By Courtesty
  • Angela Rawna (Annette Raleigh) God of Carnage

Outstanding Featured Actor

  • Kenneth Wayne Bradley (Taggart) Men of Tortuga
  • Jason Hays (Hands, Mr. Figleaf, Roger) Guest by Courtesy
  • Jude Hickey (Big Hog) Civilization (all you can eat)
  • Gabriel Maldonado  (Kiing Koray) :Humpty
  • Jose Villareal (Pissani) Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Outstanding Featured Actress

  • Katherin Catmull (Barbara) boom
  • Michelle Cheney (Chris) Rumors
  • Kelsey Kling (Louise McKeigan) Marion Bridge
  • Bernadette Nason (Bertha) Boeing-Boeing
  • Jennifer Underwood (Ann Kron) Well


Outstanding Production

  • The Aliens (Hyde Park Theatre)
  • Now Now Oh Now (Rude Mechanicals)
  • The Orchid Flotilla (Glass Half Full Theatre)
  • Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theatre Company)
  • Rose Rage (The Hidden Room)

Outstanding Direction

  • Beth Burns (Rose Rage)
  • Daria Davis (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
  • Connor Hopkins and Jeanine Lisa (Riddley Walker)
  • Shawn Sides (Now Now Oh Now)
  • Ken Webster (The Aliens)

Outstanding Lead Actor

  • Jon Cook (Evan) The Aliens
  • Joseph Garlock (Dragon, Loserboy) The Dragon Play
  • Jude Hickey (K.J.) The Aliens
  • Jonathan Itchon (Joshua) Corpus Christi
  • Sam Mercer (Carmine) Housebreaking

Outstanding Lead Actress

  • Kim Adams (Narrator) The Pavilion
  • Babs George (Kate Keller) All My Sons
  • Caroline Reck (Woman) The Orchid Flotilla
  • Erin Treadway (Cleo) The Twelfth Labor
  • Nikki Zook (Karen Wright) The Children’s Hour

Outstanding Featured Actor

  • Travis Dean (Jakob Engstrand) Ghosts
  • Joey Hood (Jasper) The Aliens
  • Sam Mercer (Soranzo) ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore
  • Michael Slefinger (Giuliano) Big Love
  • Rommel Sulit (Man) The Dragon Play

Outstanding Featured Actress

  • Elizabeth Bigger (Magda) Housebreaking
  • Stephanie Crall (Paulina) The Winter’s Tale
  • Vanessa Marie (Nurse Susie Monohan) W;t
  • Martina Ohlhauser (Jacqueline de Severac) Murder on the Nile
  • Breanna Stogner (Tchiripacha, Edie, Eliza) The 21 Would-Be Lives of Phineas Hamm


Outstanding Set Design

  • Paul Davis (The Sound of Music)
  • Ia Ensterä (The Aliens)
  • Ia Ensterä (Big Love)
  • Ann Marie Gordon (Sarah Silver Hands)
  • Connor Hopkins and Caroline Reck (The Orchid Flotilla)

Outstanding Light Design

  • Jason Amato (DayBoyNightGirl)
  • Jason Amato (Sarah Silver Hands)
  • Patrick Anthony (Big Love)
  • Jenny Lavery (American Bear: A Play About Home)
  • Kate Leahy (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
  • Megan Reilly (Riddley Walker)

Outstanding Sound Design

  • Breton Christopherson (Exit, Pursued by a Bear)
  • K. Eliot Haynes (The Orchid Flotilla)
  • K. Eliot Haynes (Riddley Walker)
  • Bern Klinke and Blake Addyson (American Bear: A Play About Home)
  • Jeff Mills (Civilization [all you can eat])

Outstanding Costume Design

  • Dawn Allee, Pam Martin and Cherie Weed (Rose Rage)
  • Glenda Barnes (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson)
  • Yao Chen (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
  • Rachel McGinnis (The 21 Would-Be Lives of Phineas Hamm)
  • Benjamin Taylor Ridgeway (The Twelfth Labor)

Outstanding Media Design

  • Chris Owen and K. Eliot Haynes (Riddley Walker)
  • Sergio R. Samayoa (Viper Vixens of 2012)

Outstanding Music Direction

  • David Blackburn (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Jennifer Davis and Howard Burkett (Rose Rage)
  • Susan Finnigan (The Spitfire Grill)
  • Allen Robertson (Next to Normal)
  • John Vander Gheynst and Dustin Struhal (The Sound of Music)

Outstanding Dance Choreography

  • Collective Essence Dance Company (Canela Blanca)
  • Lisa del Rosario (DayBoyNightGirl)
  • Matt Hislope and the company (Jubilee)
  • Sarah Rostoker (Symphony of Clouds)
  • Courtney Wissinger (The Sound of Music)

Outstanding Fight Choreography

  • Toby Minor (Big Love)
  • Toby Minor (Rose Rage)
  • Andrew Rogers (Messenger No. 4 [or…How to Survive a Greek Tragedy])
  • Andrew Rogers (Titus Andronicus)

Outstanding Original Script

  • Kirk German (DayBoyNightGirl)
  • Hannah Kenah (Guest by Courtesy)
  • Caroline Reck (FupDuck)
  • Caroline Reck (The Orchid Flotilla)
  • Hank Schwemmer (Woodwork)

Outstanding Original Score

  • Graham Reynolds (Guest by Courtesy)
  • Chad Salvata (:Humpty)
  • Justin Sherburn (Riddley Walker)
  • Adam Sultan (The Orchid Flotilla)
  • The White Ghost Shivers (FupDuck)

Outstanding Puppetry

  • The B. Beaver Animation (Rude Mechanicals)
  • FupDuck (Glass Half Full Theatre)
  • The Orchid Flotilla (Glass Half Full Theatre)
  • Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theater Company)

Outstanding Cast Performance

  • The B. Beaver Animation (Rude Mechanicals)
  • Jubilee (Rubber Repertory)
  • Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theater Company)
  • Rose Rage (The Hidden Room)
  • Woodwork (paper chairs)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance

  • Michelle Alexander, Roberto Araujo, Tyler Jones, Elizabeth Koepp, Lara Wright and Jennifer Blakeney Young (the muses) Xanadu: The Musical
  • Thomas Graves, Hannah Kenah, E. Jason Liebrecht and Shawn Sides (Act III) Now Now Oh Now
  • Kyle Christopher Schnack and Will Brittain (Jekyll and Hyde) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Michael Slefinger and Chris Hejl (Emory and Elliot) MilkMilk Lemonade
  • Jessica Szota, Crystal Verver, Diane marques and Amanda Cardona (the chorus) Canela Blanca

Outstanding Young Performer

  • Jordan Barron (Moritz) Spring Awakening
  • Monique Borses (Helen Keller) The Miracle Worker
  • Anissa Mc Vea (Nell) The Commedia of Errors
  • Natalia Ponce (Pilar) Canela Blanca
  • Xander Slay-Tamkin (Dromio 1 and 2) The Commedia of Errors

Rudy Kloptik Award for Outstanding Work in Improvisational Theatre (Nominated by the artistic directors of Austin Improv Collective)

  • Bad Boys (Coldtowne Theatre, The Hideout Theatre)
  • Checkbook (The New Movement Theater)
  • Girls! Girls! Girls!(Gnap! Productions, The Institution Theater)
  • Manhattan Stories: Improvised Woody Allen (The Hideout Theatre)
  • Parallelogramophonograph (The Hideout Theatre)


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